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S.O.A.R. Connect is a compliation of Podcast Interviews hosted by S.O.A.R Services and News Articles from a variety of top Medical Institutions to highlight outstanding achievements and breaking news in the Medical Industry.  

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WebMD News

  • EpiPens are still available in the U.S., but are in limited supply in certain areas due to factors such as supply disruptions and manufacturer issues, according to the FDA.

  • Currently, diagnosis of a heart attack requires multiple blood tests over several hours. Previous studies using cardiac troponin levels  alone to diagnose heart attacks have yielded mixed results on safety.

  • Eight percent of American adults have depression, an often debilitating and sometimes fatal disease. People with major depression are 20 times more likely to attempt suicide.

  • People with A, B and AB blood should receive donations that match their blood type, lest they suffer a severe and potentially fatal immune reaction. However, any of them can receive type O blood.

  • Play is such a crucial way for kids to develop social and mental skills, head off stress and build a healthy bond with parents, doctors should write a prescription for it, says the author of a new study from the nation’s largest pediatricians group.


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