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Career & Advising

During these hard economic times, having the competitive edge means being prepared and exemplifying excellence. In order to secure the job of your dreams, your resume must speak volumes. It should highlight your best attributes, work experiences and most importantly, your educational background.

Being able to articulate your personal goals and accomplishments during a face-to-face and sometimes online (i.e. Skype®) interview is paramount. Our team of trained professionals have over 15 years of experience in business management, education, and leadership. We will help you succeed by equipping you with necessary skills that foster academic success, professionalism, and employability.


Resume/Professional Portfolio

Junior level Position: less than 3 years of work experience (i.e. Recent graduate) $40 (per resume).

Sophomore-Level Position: 3 or more years of work experience (i.e. Manager, Administrator Assistant, Program Coordinator) $60 (per resume).

Senior-Level Position: 5 or more years of work experience (i.e. CFO, CEO, President, Director, Dean, etc.) $75 (per resume).

Note: Resumes/Portfolios are limited to 3-5 pages.

Cover letters

Junior level Position: $25 (per cover letter).

Sophomore-Level Position: $35 (per cover letter).

Senior-Level Position: $45 (per cover letter).

Note: Cover letters are limited to 1 -2 pages.



Online mock interview (15 minute live session with sample interview questions). All interviews are conducted via webinar in real-time and recorded in a secure network. Please allow 24-48 hours before immediate feed-back is provided.
$45 per session.


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Got questions, we have answers. Contact a S.O.A.R adviser regarding questions you may have pertaining to career choices, industry trends, and much more.

Make Your Dreams a Reality……S.O.A.R



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