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  • Hi S.O.A.R, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Coming to the NCLEX review class was the best choice I have ever made. It was such a stressful and depressing time for me considering that I failed NCLEX on my first attempt. Coming to the review gave me hope and determination. Your class was very intense but thorough and straight to point " the Facts". While I was taking my test I remember key points that were taught in class. The next time I took my NCLEX test I passed at 75 questions by the grace of God. I followed the study planned and was ready to pass with confidence. Again thank you S.O.A.R...

    -G. EPPS

  • Hi S.O.A.R, My name is Maria and I attended the review at LA county school of Nursing and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all the help you provided and I found your review very helpful in helping me succeed to pass NCLEX. I took my exam about a week ago and I passed. So, I wanted to thank you for all your help and knowledge. The review helped me to be successful in passing boards. Sincerely,

    -MARIA, RN

  • S.O.A.R, First of all thank you so much for your time to reply my email, I took your class in 2009, I use to work as student worker @olive view, then since i graduated, instead me focusing on my exam, I worked full time as med. assist in dermatology office to help my family financial matter. Since then, I kept trying, and trying not once nearly passed, i studied 2-3 hrs every day, I do mostly answering the question from the CD's. recently i just came to Toronto helping my husband with moving, he got laid off so, we are planning to move to california, I just took the exam on APRIL 20th. I hope it is alright with you DR., if I could call you once Inreach Los angles. I really appreciate your time, to answer my email.


  • Hey SOAR!
    Its me Omar  from your nclex review course at county well buddy I just wanted to let you know that I passed!!!!! I passed NCLEX 3500 was right on the money! Nclex was just like 3500! Thanks man I really appreciate it. I will be keeping in touch especially when I get into your school some day. Hopefully you’ll be my teacher again. You helped me out a lot Joe, I thought about you during the test I thought “what would Joe say about this!”
    thank you.

    -P. OMAR LEE

  • annieDear S.O.A.R:
    I am writing to thank you for helping me pass the state board exam. I was out of school for two years due to many unfortunate incidents that occurred in my life. You pull the scales off my eyes and dusted off old memory cells that had been asleep since anatomy and physiology. You made learning fun and enjoyable. Thank you for helping me accomplish my goals.

    -A. NELSON

  • Hello S.O.A.R, this is Q. Hoang ( I was in your NCLEX review class a few month ago at county). I'm sending you this email to thank you for all your help. I've passed my NCLEX-RN exam the first time thanks to you. I appreciated what you've done. Everyone from our group that went to your lectures and took the test has passed. You did not only teach us the content but also how to be a safe nurse. Again I just want to say thank you and have a good day. :)

    -Q. HOANG

  • Hi S.O.A.R,
    Hope you are doing well. My name is Martha I was one of the ladies from East Los Angeles College that attended your NCLEX review at the Los Angeles County this past February and we took the pictures for your website. I wanted to share with you that I PASSED!! I took my exam this March. Thank you I know that your review helped me prepare for the test.
    Thank You

    -M. RAMOS

  • Dear S.O.A.R. Thank you for offering the NCLEX review. I passed the NCLEX and now I’m a registered nurse. Thank You!

    -MARY S.

  • Hello S.O.A.R, Thank you for the great MS reviews. Most of all, assuring us those who came out of the worst program that we may do alright with the NCLEX. Yes! I passed and got my license now. Along with your review, I've practice for three weeks. I didn't do Kaplan, Ati reviews and/or Saunder's book/CD. If it was not for the NCLEX review course, I would not have had the confidence to pass the NCLEX. Thank you again.

    -H. KIM

  • p vasquez

    Yes!!!! I passed!!!!! The computer stopped at 75 Questions. I used all the formulas you shared with us and even the brain picture. Everything you taught just helped me to get a better grasp on the information that was already stored. Thank God and you too. I feel blessed that he put me in your class for the NCLEX Review. The simple formulas and the way you taught the entire material was just Awesome!! Thank you so much!


  • r martinezGood Morning S.O.A.R, I took my NCLEX exam and passed! My fellow classmates who took the review passed as well. I am happy to post this message about your NCLEX Review. Thank you so much for everything you have shared with me. It was extremely helpful in my studies.


  • Dear S.O.A.R:
    I Passed ! Thank you for all your help.

    -Y. MIN

  • My name is D. Verdiner and I was one of your pupils in the NCLEX review course you proctored at LACC. First and foremost, I passed the NCLEX with 75 questions and now officially a registered nurse! Thanks for your help!! Second, I wanted to speak with you regarding strategies for finding a job here in LA. While nursing school prepared me for hospital care, they really didn't provide guidance for actually finding a job beyond the resume and cover letter lesson. While I did look into the Correctional department as you suggested, they want experience and more importantly are not hiring right now. Currently, I am getting additional certificates (received BLS, ACLS, PALS and will get my critical care and EKG vert shortly) and want to know what more I can do. If possible could I bend your ear and ask you some advice? I'd be willing to meet you at your office, over coffee or speak to you on the phone. Any guidance would be helpful.


  • Hello S.O.A.R
    Just wanted to give some feedback on the effectiveness of the review you gave in early June to the students and Los Angeles County College of Nursing and Allied Health. The whole review was great, but for me the illustrations are what pulled things together. My #I favorite was the illustrated layout of the nervous system. It really enhanced much of my study for the NCLEX. As I answered question #75, remembering what parasympathic stimulation will produce, (largely due to that lecture), put me over the top! I passed at 75 questions! (The sudden big blue screen is quite a shock at first, I must say). So I had to tell you, Thank you! I hope you can continue reviewing for the County student nurses.
    A grateful and happy RN,

    -D. VEGA

  • Dear, S.O.A.R, I am doing very well. Sorry it took so long to get back, I’ve been job hunting. Last Tuesday I was notified by the BRN that I passed the NCLEX-RN licensure exam my first time. I really want to thank you for all of your help. You content review was very instrumental in my success with the NCLEX-RN exam. After graduating the RN program, I really needed a review that encompassed all Med-Surg subject information in a short concise manner. Your review did just that, it was all of the main information I needed to know in order to be a successful in passing the licensure exam. I would appreciate if you can let me know when you have future reviews. If i have the time I would like to audit your reviews again. Thank you again for your wonderful review, I really appreciate it. Thank You,

    -J. VEGA

  • x wongThanks to this review, I passed my NCLEX on the 1st try! The instructors were kind, spectacular, gifted and one of a kind. They made learning fun and utilized different techniques to help ingrain the most important information needed for NCLEX. I would highly recommend this to those who will be taking their NCLEX exam in the near future!
    Best regards,

    -X. WONG

  • Hello S.O.A.R,
    Just wanted to thank for the excellent review classs. I took the NCLEX on 3/31 and passed it!!! I just got my license this past week.
    Thanks again.


  • Hello,
    Im not sure if you are still working at seiu-uhw education but if you are I wanted to share with you that I passed my RN test. I took the RN review course back in August of 2010 and had some set backs and was not able to take the test right after the review but I took it March 31, 2012 and PASSED. I wanted to take the time to thank you and the three teachers (S.O.A.R, Mary Paquett, and shamefully I forgot the other lady's name) for helping me refresh my mind of the stuff I learned but also giving me the tricks I needed to keep me focused. You know how they say, always stick with your first choice....S.O.A.R looked me in the eye and told me that was my problem...that I didnt stick to my first choice. So this time....I stuck with my first choice and it worked!!!!
    Thank you, thank you!!

    -M. DANIEL

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